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Customizable Health Care for Your Companion


At Madison Veterinary Hospital, we are dedicated pet health advocates. Our pet health plans are highly customizable to better suit each pet. We are the only animal hospital in the area whose goal is individualized quality health care at a budget friendly price. Explore the following links to learn more about how we can care for your pet, regardless of age, size, and species:

  • Puppy and kitten care—Bringing a new puppy or kitten into your home is incredibly exciting, but these bundles of joy also come with many challenges. Let us help you and your puppy or kitten get a healthy start in life.
  • Senior pet care—We believe that no two pets should receive identical pet health plans, and we feel that especially applies to senior pets. Animals of advanced age will need varying intensities of veterinary care and Madison Veterinary Hospital will provide just that. These tailored plans allow us to identify the signs of aging and mitigate them to keep your senior pet healthy and happy.
  • Small animal and pocket pet care—Small animals and pocket pets are just as precious to families as any cat or dog and they deserve to receive the same quality health care. Our veterinarians and staff are trained handlers of these petite pets and are knowledgeable of what they need in the clinic and at home.

Make an appointment with us to start your pet on an exceptional pet health plan that is unique to his or her needs.