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Passionate About Puppy Kindergarten


Welcoming a puppy into your household is an exciting and stressful time. As a new pet owner, you now face the tremendous challenge of training your puppy—and no one understands this better than Madison Veterinary Hospital. We are very excited to offer puppy kindergarten service to our clients because we believe that we are not just training pets—we also know that we are saving lives.

The Sad Truth

More pets are euthanized for behavioral issues than every disease combined. At the end of the first year, 40% of puppies are surrendered or euthanized. By the second year, the number of those animals rises to 66%. Two-thirds of pets are surrendered or put down by the second year of life. These statistics truly break our hearts, knowing that 84% of the issues that animals are euthanized for are preventable behavior issues. At Madison Veterinary Hospital, our philosophy is to start early and address why the behaviors occur and prevent them from occurring.

For Puppy’s Sake

There are a few things that our puppies do that drive us crazy, but it is certainly not because they are spiteful or mean. Since the puppies cannot explain to you why they chose your favorite shoes to eat or what they love about your favorite rug, we are here to communicate to you on their behalf. We are here to teach both you and your puppy. The most effective way to prevent these behaviors from becoming lifelong habits is to enroll your puppy in our Puppy Kindergarten class as close to 8 weeks of age as possible, and before they are 16 weeks old.

What to Expect

Our program is held on-site at our veterinary facility. Our program was developed at Purdue University and has been featured in several books. Throughout our program, your puppy will learn how to socialize with other puppies. He or she will be desensitized to many new situations, all the while strengthening the bond with you.

If you need expert help with the most important part of being a new pet owner, contact us today!