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Laser Surgery: The Right Choice


Surgery is a trying experience for both pets and their owners. Regardless of the complexity of the surgery, Madison Veterinary Hospital has always sought to find the best animal health practices on behalf of your pets. Extensive research and the knowledge of our highly trained staff helped us decide to use the CO2 laser for your pet’s important procedures.

What It Can Do

The licensed and credentialed staff of Madison Veterinary Hospital is on hand for all your pet’s surgical needs. Common procedures for household pets include:

  • Tumor removal
  • Feline declawing

What to Expect

The advanced technology of the CO2 laser is the best choice for surgeries because it is the most beneficial method for pets. Surgery is a daunting thought for any pet owner, but the following benefits from the CO2 laser give you less reason to worry:

  • Less pain—The use of CO2 lasers causes less swelling and makes the recovery time less traumatizing for your animal.
  • Less risk of infection—Research shows that CO2 laser surgery is more sterile and thus there is a better chance that your pet will not return to us any sooner than it needs to.
  • Less recovery time—After CO2 laser surgery, you pet will become healthier and happier more quickly than with other methods.

Make the right surgical choice for your pet. Contact us today for more information or to make an appointment.