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Cat & Dog Dental Care: Assessment. Treatment. Prevention.


Healthy teeth are a key component of healthy pets. Maintaining a regimen of oral health care goes beyond the elimination of bad breath or discolored teeth, it eliminates the threat of infections entering your pet’s bloodstream and a common source of pain in our pets. At Madison Veterinary Hospital, we’ve always had high standards for your pet’s oral care and we continue to raise the bar.


When your pet comes for his or her oral exam, we do a thorough assessment of the entire mouth. Our digital X-ray technology reveals every detail, and our expert eyes catch the underlying problems. Most problems are reversible, but only if they are detected in the beginning stages. The earlier the exam, the better your pet’s prognosis will be. Come have your pet examined today!


We believe that a simple cleaning and polishing is not enough. We know that every tooth has its own specific need, and we will tailor our treatment to the state of each tooth. When we treat any animal’s dental problems, we have one priority in mind: what is the safest procedure for your pet. Using that guideline, we have only credentialed and licensed staff on hand to administer anesthesia, monitor the heart rate, blood pressure, and other vitals, and, most importantly, keep the pain and anxiety your pet feels to an absolute minimum.


After your pet’s treatment and before your next exam is a critical time for the health of your pet’s teeth. That’s where you come in! Brushing your pet’s teeth at home is an important part of overall dental health. Our pharmacy will equip you with tools and our staff will equip you with the knowledge you need to help prevent the serious problems that cause unhealthy teeth and gums. The best time to take care of your pet’s teeth is now, before there are problems. Daily care, routine exams, and treatments will prevent costly problems for years to come.