Changing Roles

We are around 40 days into the quarantine. That is enough time for the abnormal to become the new routine. Madison has gone from a bustling building full of people and animals to a quieter place. The lobby used to be the center of the social scene with the children’s area full of kids in little lab coats checking up the stuffed toys and their parents chatting with our CSR’s and the other clients, the dogs sniffing and trying to play, the cats looking out the window in an effort to ignore the annoying dogs.

Now the lobby is empty aside from the occasional canine patient trotting around searching for treats. We have discovered that our CSR’s could leave us for booming singing careers, and our young ward assistants are scrubbing the floors like their mothers always knew they could! The exam rooms have turned into offices and our technical staff is learning car breeds J

We are all working just three days per week, which means four days off.  That is more time at home than I have had since my daughter was 2 years old. She is now 8 and I am homeschooling a bright and silly 3rd grader. My family is used to me being at work most days, and it took some time for me to get into a rhythm of being home and being Mom instead of Dr. Levey.

We all have changing roles now. None of our lives are untouched by pandemic. One of the things that I have found most striking is how collective stress affects us individually and how we relate to other people. I have seen our communities and families turn to kindness and beauty to add light to a dark time. Madison’s windows have been beautifully painted by our artistic department. Our clients have made us beautiful and unique masks, they bring us food and notes and hand sanitizer. Last week our staff hid notes detailing what they missed about the other team for them to find. Today our technician supervisor pumped gas for a senior citizen who she saw did not have a mask or gloves at the station. It makes my heart swell to see that our communities so filled with people ready to help how they can.

In my family we are trying to add beauty and silliness to the world. We are painting our windows and tap dancing on benches. We are trying to make each other laugh as much as possible. It is hard to be scared or angry while in a fit of laughter.

Our pets have had their lives change too. They are certainly enjoying more snuggles and walks and quiet family time. We have had an increase in limping cases due the sudden surge in physical activity. I’m expecting a lot of very fit dogs at the fall checkups!

I hope you are all safe and healthy and doing your best to get through this time. If you need anything, please call us. You may not be able to come in the building, but we are here for you! 

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