Provide your pet with complete care


We are very proud and excited to offer Health Plans at Madison Veterinary Hospital. We developed and launched our Health Plans as a commitment to our clients to help them take excellent care of their companions. In 2008 economic times were extremely hard in Southeast Michigan. With the banking crisis, housing crisis and financial institutions suffering and two automotive companies declaring bankruptcy our community was hit very hard with their own personal finances. We began to see many cases coming in on a daily basis of pets that needed health care and owners unable to afford the services needed to help their pets.


We had many clients choosing humane euthanasia because they could not afford proper care to help their pets. It was a time that still haunts us when finances alone dictated if owners could or would help their own pets. Our response was to get creative and still provide the excellent medicine that our clients have come to expect from us. What we created are Health Plans for Pets, designed to be more affordable, offer a monthly payment option with no interest charges AND provide the necessary services to keep your pets healthy and happy members of your family.