How we started

This is Madison's history as told by it's founder Dr. Isaacson

The “idea” of becoming a veterinarian and starting a small animal hospital began in the summer of 1953 when I was 14 years old. The thought was driven by my little dog being hit by a car and there was not a “dog doctor” in my town to try to save him. My goal was always to have a Christ-centered hospital that was actively being the pet’s advocate with a dedicated staff to advance that philosophy.

Following graduation from Iowa State University veterinary school in 1963, and a small animal internship in Massachusetts, and six years at a very progressive veterinary hospital, it was time to make my dream a reality.

Location is a critical factor when starting a new veterinary facility. I was raised in a “blue collar” environment in a small town in Iowa where people were hard working and responsible to their families and property. I wanted that same criteria for our new hospital. After six months of persistent praying for guidance and direction, and daily searching for the “perfect” location, we found 12 mile and John R in Madison Heights! It was an empty lot measuring 70 feet by 120 feet. Large enough for a 2500 sq. foot building and 15 parking spots. The city demographics showed a stable population with a below average crime rate and below average unemployment. There were no animal hospitals within a five mile radius at that time. The necessary zoning was made possible by a friendly mayor and city council. Building began in 1969 and the grand opening for Madison Veterinary Hospital was August 10th, 1970.

It was critical to have a hospital and staff that followed the  biblical principals of honesty, integrity, and  sound judgement, with wisdom to perform our daily tasks of providing excellent care of pets. This was the foundation of developing our mission statement that reads as follows:

    “ We will honor God by being a professional staff

     committed to provide excellent care

     through teamwork and continued education

      for every client, every pet, every time”

Madison became the gold standard for small animal medicine and surgery.

It became obvious that we were out growing our physical facility, needing additional square footage and parking. Again, following much prayer and meditation, the decision was made to under take a major expansion project which took place in 1996 with a 5,000 sq. foot addition, along with 14 parking spots.

In 2018, after 48 years of an awesome experience of serving the pet population, it was time to turn the hospital over to the next generation. My wife, Mary Jo, and I could not be more proud to have the new owners, Dr. Kate Levey and Dr. Andy Rollo, be in charge of carrying out the solid commitment of loving people and loving their pets.


Dr I