What age is the puppy/kitten when the get spayed or neutered

To add a new question goAt Madison, we like to wait until our pets are at least 6 months of age before having them spayed or neutered. The main reason for this is that we want to make sure all of their “baby teeth” have fallen out. If there are still baby teeth remaining, we can remove them at the time of their surgery. to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

How often does a pet need their Heartworm tests done?

We require a heartworm test on an annual basis. This is to ensure your pet is negative for heartworm disease, or if they are positive; to catch it quickly and advise treatment.

How do you test for Heartworm disease?

We have advanced in house lab equipment to diagnose your pet. All we need is a small sample of blood

Why does my pet need Heartworm prevention all year round?

At Madison, we have found that year-round protection provides the best protection to your pet against heartworm disease and other intestinal parasites such as roundworms, hookworms and whipworms.

Are all vaccines annual

Not all vaccines are required yearly. Several of our vaccines create immunity for up to three years in your pet.

Why do I need to have my pets vaccinated?

Vaccinations help protect your pet against viruses and other diseases that are prevalent in the environment. With out the proper immunizations, your pet would become very ill, and in many cases die, when exposed to these diseases. Being current on their vaccines prevents this from occurring.

Is it mean to declaw a cat?

The declaw procedure is a major surgery and must be treated as such. At Madison Veterinary Hospital it is done using effective pain control protocols and a surgical laser to minimize post-operative swelling and pain. It is also important to keep the cat quiet and off their feet after the procedure, that is why we will keep your kitty here for two days after surgery and monitor them closely for any sign of discomfort.

How do I find a good vet hospital?

This one is easy; you’ve already found one. But if you are not in the Detroit area we recommend looking for an AAHA accredited hospital. These are hospitals that every few years are visited by an organization that makes sure a veterinary hospital adheres to hundreds of guidelines that equal good quality veterinary care. These hospitals can be found at www.aahanet.org.