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Allergies Affect Animals, Too!


We all know how miserable we feel when allergies strike. Believe it or not, allergies can make our pets equally as uncomfortable. Sometimes, allergies will affect our pets seasonally; other times, the allergies will persist year round. At Madison Veterinary Hospital, we will pinpoint the cause of your pet’s discomfort by exploring their routine, diet, and environment. The same causes that affect humans, such as grasses, molds, or trees, will affect our pets, but in different ways. For example, dogs may display allergies in the form of skin conditions or chronic ear infections. Cats might display allergies by developing upper respiratory infections.

Ignoring your pet’s allergies or skin infections can lead to more serious problems. One example is the formation of “hotspots,” a place where pets scratch so frequently and aggressively that there are open sores, where more serious bacteria can grow. If you think your pet may have an allergy or dermatological condition, contact us today!

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