Crisis of Confidence

November 9th, 2015 by Dr. Levey

Good Morning followers of the blogosphere.
First let me explain my recent silence. I intended to write to you once per week with interesting, and educational, heartwarming, and puppy filled posts. I thought that I could bring you inside our veterinary hospital and give you a glimpse into our world and make your lives and your animals’ lives better all while crafting quirky and fabulous prose. I may have set myself up to fail and then hidden from my computer for weeks on end.



Admitting a problem is the first step right?  Then I am on my way 🙂

Recently I was sitting in one of the exam rooms of my own doctor’s office and was feeling forgotten.  I was there because at times I ride my bike like a fearless 10 year old instead of a cautions and slightly arthritic adult and I fell pretty bad.  Being a doctor I then avoided all good advice and got my arm pretty infected.  So I was sitting there in the exam room, after being checked in by the receptionist and weighed by the nurse, afraid of the pain to come and contemplating running out and ignoring the problem until my arm fell off, and I felt like I was in there forever.  What the heck was taking the doctor so long?  I had an appointment, the waiting room was empty, and I had been there long enough to play out every horrible scenario over several times in my head.  It hit me that this is what my clients and patients go through when we are running behind and I wanted to let you all in on what the heck we are doing “in the back” while you wait in that small room scrolling through facebook for the millionth time.


Part of what we pride ourselves on at Madison is our excellent record keeping and our preventative medicine programs.  So after the technician comes in and takes a history, they have to enter it all into the computer and then give that history to the doctor.  Sometimes we then go back through the record and check medication doses, or previous blood work, or just make sure that the vaccine schedule is being followed and everything is up to date.  We then draw up vaccines, grab some treats, and your doctor comes into the exam room.  The doctor asks some questions (sometimes the same questions, this is done on purpose, we do know that you already answered them), does a thorough physical examination, and goes over a plan with you.  Then the doctor leaves and it can seems like hours later the tech comes back in.  During that time lots of things are happening – the doctor is putting exam notes in the record, estimates are put together for today’s or future procedures, blood and urine samples are being drawn from your pet, their nails are trimmed and anal sacs are emptied, medications are entered in the medical record and retrieved from the shelves, information on your pet’s specific issue is being gathered to better inform you on the disease process and/or treatments, and in case of a Health Plan sign up the receptionists are putting together paperwork to go over with you.  I am sure that I left some things out.  What is not happening is any standing around and chatting.  We are running – sometimes literally, although I am the OSHA rep and I like “walking feet” to avoid any slip an falls.


We try very hard to keep things running smoothly and on time but sometimes emergencies happen, or a routine appointment turns into sometime more.  If you ever want to see where all this busy magic happens as us for a tour!  We love to show off all we have to offer and maybe it will make you feel better about your alone time with your phone.


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