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Thursday, May 5th, 2016

One of my very first patients when I graduated from veterinary school was a puppy named Marley. She was a little mutt who resembled a rottie but smaller and lanky. She had recurrent juvenile urinary tract infections so I saw Marley all the time. She and I were buddies.  Her humans and I became buddies too.  I saw the pregnancies grow big and met the new babies.  Marley was good with the kids, as were her dog siblings.  It was a happy family.

When I moved to Madison I was overjoyed to walk into an exam room and see my Marley 🙂   I had the pleasure to care for her as a puppy, in her prime and “golden years”.

She could be skittish, and was not always kind to her dog siblings, but she was always one of my favorites. I guess I like bad dogs 🙂
I knew that Marley was not doing well. Tonight I got a text from Marley’s “Mom”, she was going into Madison, it was time to say Goodbye.
I have my daughter with me at home. I cannot wake her up to run out and kiss a dog goodbye. I know this, but it hurts anyway. I wish that I could be there to hold her paw and hold her family. I wish that I could say that last Goodbye in person.

But that does not always happen. She will always be in my heart and I feel fortunate that I was able to be part of her team. Helping to give her the great life that she had.

Rest in peace sweet Marley.