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What’s that smell?

Sunday, February 14th, 2016

This is a game we play a lot in veterinary medicine. In over half of my patients, the smell is related to dental disease. People often ask me “how did this happen, he only eats hard food?”.

Eating hard food can be beneficial to your pet’s mouth but it is far from a panacea for all dental issues. If you only ate carrots and toast would you never need to brush? or floss?  or see a dentist for regular cleanings?  Our pets may not desire the whitest teeth or freshest breath, but we should at least endeavor to reduce the amount of infection in their gums.  And they do have infected gums.

I know, brushing your pets’ teeth is annoying and stinky and not in your schedule. So I have a suggestion – If your pet is docile and patient, why not delegate this chore to a younger member of your family? These tiny humans are excited by strange tasks and by animals, perfect combination. Just make sure to use a soft brush, pet tooth paste, and supervise closely.

2016-02-14 11.50.44

Good luck to your tiny minions and send us your adorable (and safe) pictures 🙂


Happy Valentines Day,

Dr Lovey Levey (and her minion)