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Happy New Year!

Friday, January 1st, 2016

Well, it’s here, 2016! We are living in the future. Computers more powerful than the huge one in our school when I was a kid are now in my pocket, on my wrist, and on my kitchen counter.

Thanks to vaccines, excellent and precise diets, preventative dental health, and appropriate medications, my patients are living longer than ever.
The future can be daunting, but it also holds so much promise, I am excited to be a part of it.

I spent this New Years Day morning with wonderful old friends and their children. The kids were running around, playing video games and petting the cats. The adults were drinking coffee and chatting. And I was standing in my kitchen. My control center, behind the island, close to the stove, with Luna (my golden retriever) on my left and Sara (my oldest dog friend) on my right. As the house quieted down I started to make a loaf of Challah. Kneading the dough that my mother taught me to make, that sustained my people for generations, gave me such a sense of being connected to the past.
This year my resolutions are centered on intention and bravery. I will not hide behind “I can’t” or “I never have before”. I will face my future with a firm grounding in the past. Knowing that generations of my family lived and loved and struggled so that I would be here. Making the same sustaining bread to feed my family to give us the strength to live and love and face our own struggles.  I will be open to the gifts that life offers and face the challenges with a brave and open heart.

And I will take my dogs for more walks.

Happy New Year my friends!  I hope this year brings you the trials you need to make your strong , the joy you need to make you happy, and enough quiet peace to enjoy it all.

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