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Kitten Update

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

Those who follow our facebook page will remember the tiny kitten that our Good Samaritan found and brought in a couple weeks ago.  Those who don’t follow our facebook page will be given a moment to rectify that issue …. 🙂

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He was less than a week old and needed a momma cat (or nursing queen as they are called).  My sister made a call to her friend, Will, at a Upland Hills Farm and we had him a home before any of use could call our spouses to ask if they would stay up all night with us and bottle feed a kitten.

I got the honor of driving kitty Up North to Oxford Township to meet his new family.  On the way we stopped at a pet store to get some KMR (kitten milk replacer) and give the very hungry kitty a bottle. I really wish that I had more hands so that I could have taken a picture of the way that his paws spread out as he held and kneaded at the bottle.  He was a hungry little purr monster!  After he was full of milk he hunkered down and fell asleep purring.

When we got to the farm Will introduced kitty to the queen and his new siblings while E and I played with baby goats and pigs 🙂 The baby goats do Not like to stay in their pen and they Do like to be scratched on the head.

For a couple days it went well between kitty and queen.  But he was a little too small for the kitten room at the farm.  The bigger kittens wanted to wrestle and this poor kitty was too tiny.  He needed to be bottle fed after all and he was taken in by Will and his wife and daughters. Kitty could not have found a better or more dedicated family and I want to express my gratitude to them for opening their home and hearts to this sweet little orphan.

One of Will’s daughters, Ashlynn, would like to be a veterinarian. She came to job shadow me this past week and brought the kitten for a visit.  He is bigger now and is eating kitten food from a dish instead of milk from a bottle.  He still likes to snuggle, but now prefers the top of your shoulder to under your shirt.  Soon he will be big enough to go play with his kitten siblings at the farm.


If you are looking for a dose of farm life, check out Upland Hills.  They have camp for kids in the summer and bonfire parties with hay rides in the fall.  They also have kittens (up for adoption!) and baby goats (not up for adoption, but always up for a head scratch)!



A way in

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015

We had people over tonight. My husband is on the board of my daughter’s preschool. So we had about a dozen people over to our house for a board meeting to discuss name tags, fundraising, educational play, and whatever other business was at hand.

Some of these people we know fairly well, some not at all. I am not a naturally social person and can get anxious during these meetings. I often busy myself cleaning or putting out snacks or putting our daughter to bed, but tonight I noticed something wonderful.

When people came into our home they all to some extent interacted with our animals. They greeted them, played with them, talked to them, asked them questions, and generally socialized with Nick, Pickles, Luna, and Sara – often before they greeted the humans in the room.

The animals acted as buffers, as ambassadors to the human world around them. They allowed our guests to have an idea of the culture of the home they were entering and have a social interaction that was free from judgement or preconceived notions. kates phone march 2015 696

Animals have always served this function for me. In a new place I would seek for any sign of animal life. Finding instant stress relief at the sight of a furry face or wagging tail. That is one of the things that drew me to veterinary medicine. Animals have given me such comfort during stressful times, it seems appropriate that I should dedicate myself to helping them lead comfortable lives.

Animals have been part of the human experience for thousands of years. We have relied on them to help us survive and there is some evidence that our relationship with animals is one of reasons that we became the dominant species we are today.

It should not be surprising that the connection we have with them has a deep emotional vein. But in that way that we tend to think that we are the only one anxious at a party it was lovely to see other people use my beloved pets as a way into the comfort of our home. I hope that they feel welcome and enjoy the cat on their lap and dog on their foot 🙂

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