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Typical Day

Saturday, June 20th, 2015

I have been struggling with trying to explain a typical day here at Madison. Today was anything but that. Saturdays are usually pretty hectic. Today we had our normal mix of adorable puppies and kitties, mild illness, routine examinations, and we also saw “Daisy”. Daisy was attacked by an unknown dog on Wednesday. She was out for a walk with her family when a dog came out of nowhere and charged her family (and three little kids). Daisy put herself in the line of fire and took a beating. When she was brought in on Wednesday, bleeding and scared she was as sweet as pie. Dr Scott was able to sew her partially up, but most of her wounds needed to be left open. Bite wounds are considered infected and if they are closed too soon they are at risk of becoming abscesses and can be dangerous.  Bite wounds, and other traumatic wounds, are also considered Dynamic.  This means they can undergo serious changes as they heal and our treatment plan needs to role with that.  The first thing that Daisy needed was to be stabilized, the bleeding stopped, and antibiotics be started. 

Today Daisy came back for a recheck and her wounds had changed. She had large patches where the skin had died – turned black and was acting like a sponge for bacteria. She needed another surgery, in the middle of a busy Saturday.

Dr Rollo skipped his lunch break to start the procedure, then when he started back into appointments I took over. Kari, one of our licensed technicians stayed with Daisy the whole time, making sure that her vitals were strong and she was not feeling any pain. She also missed lunch has not yet taken a break or sat down today.

This hour plus surgery in the middle of a busy Saturday definitely set us behind in appointments.  Our reception staff handled it as gracefully as Swans on the water!  They explained the wait, made sure people had candy to make the time go by faster and kept on Smiling 🙂

After she woke up and recovered from the anesthesia Daisy seemed to feel better. She was sent home with more medications and instructions to come back Monday for more bandage changes and rechecks. She and her family have a long road ahead of them and they are up to the challenge. Daisy is a brave dog who protected her family and her family is returning the favor by making sure that Daisy has excellent medical care and lots of love.

We have been closed for about an hour and a half now, our staff is reading stool samples and calling families with the results, answering questions, and making sure that all the animals here have when they need for the night.

We are all hoping for a quiet Sunday 🙂

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Crash and Pigs

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

I have a great update this week 🙂  Remember the puppy that we called Crash?  She had crazy hair and bad diarrhea.  She found a wonderful family!  They brought her into Madison and they are all doing in love!  Crash is eating regular dog food and pooping normally.  The new family was unaware of her special position in our hospital and was a little surprised to hear about her rock-star status but it answered the question of why she already seemed so spoiled perfect 🙂

20150613_150918 (1)

We also had a family of Guinea Pigs come in this week!  We had so much fun just putting them on the scale.  I am happy to report that they were in excellent health, eating a varied diet and getting plenty of exercise and social interaction!






Pocket pets like Guinea pigs, rabbits, and ferrets need regular veterinary care too.  They can fall victim to parasites, nutritional deficiencies, obesity, boredom disorders, infections, and metabolic diseases just to name a few.

If you want to learn more about these adorable pets, check out the link below.

If you have any questions about your tiniest family members give us a call 🙂


Friday Night Fright

Friday, June 5th, 2015

Maybe it is the rain or all of the excitement of graduation season but it was a pretty slow evening here at Madison.
We got a chance to play with puppies, really spend time educating owners, catch up on a million phone calls and blog 🙂

20150605_194819_resized (1) puppy 2

Just before closing, however, we had an emergency come in. Sweetie had a totally normal morning and afternoon. She was playing in the back yard this evening and collapsed. She was non responsive and laying in her own stool when her family found her.  They immediately called us and then brought her right in.

On presentation she was cold and non responsive. Her gums were pale and pulses weak. The techs ran the ordered diagnostic tests fast, started IV fluids and put warm blankets on her to bring her body tempurature up. She responded well.  She headed out a while ago to the local emergency hospital for overnight observation and care.  She should be home tomorrow to celebrate her boy’s graduation from High School.

Hopefully tomorrow will be busy with lots of healthy check ups 🙂